Non-lifting equipment used on fishing vessels must be: capable of being used by workers without risk to their health and safety accompanied by an instruction manual, if CE marked Fishing vessel operators must arrange regular inspections of equipment, to determine whether seafarers face health and safety risks, for example from component failure. The inspections should take place often enough to pick up any deterioration caused by exposure of the equipment to adverse conditions. every six months for equipment designed to lift people every 12 months for other lifting equipment General advice on the supply and use of working and protective gear (personal protective equipment (PPE)) on fishing vessels can also be found in MGN 311(F): Working and protective gear for fishermen. The regulations make it compulsory for seafarers to use personal protective equipment (PPE) - whether provided by the vessel operator or belonging to the seafarer - during work operations involving risk. Design standards for PPE are also set out in this guidance, together with recommendations on storage and maintenance. Seafarers employed on fishing vessels must be trained in how to use PPE consistent with their duties. Owners also have a responsibility to build PPE use into risk assessments of working practices. PPE, (with the exception of PFDs, see below) should, for example, only be used if risks identified by risk assessment cannot be reduced to acceptable levels. Use of personal flotation devices (PFDs) unless the risk of going overboard has been eliminated. Fishing vessel crews must wear personal flotation devices (PFDs) at all times while on open deck at sea unless they have conducted a written risk assessment and eliminated the risk of going overboard. Guidance on acceptable PFDs is contained in MSN1870 Amendment No.2. Lifejackets and PFDs should be regularly checked to ensure they are still functional. Note: PFDs worn around the waist that require a secondary check it out donning action are not acceptable. Find out about the importance of wearing lifejackets while on deck at sea on the MCA website. Protecting fishermen from noise, vibration and hazardous substances Safety regulations exist to protect fishing vessel crews from noise and exposure to dangerous goods carried on board. Fishing vessel operators must comply with control of noise at work regulations, covering areas such as: impulsive noise - eg noises of short duration, occurring irregularly. Operators also have a duty to control noise on vessels, as explained in the MCA document MGN 352 (M+F) Amendment 1 control of noise at work regulations 2007. The regulations include: derogations for ships on public service, eg search and rescue risk assessments identifying sources of noise, level of risk and steps required from employers to reduce the risk to crew providing hearing protection equipment for crew crew information and training procedures on minimising the risk from noise Protection from exposure to hazardous substances Safety regulations to protect fishing vessel crews from exposure to carcinogens and mutagens are listed in the MCA document MGN 624 (M+F) Health and safety at work (carcinogens and mutagens). risk assessments required by employers for exposure to carcinogens and mutagens health risk assessment of crew - especially those at high risk The MCA has issued a safety alert, warning operators and crews to be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning on fishing vessels.


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